Lab Coordinator

lab coordinator/acrobat
We're looking for a part-time lab coordinator to assist with participant recruitment (including establishing connections with local child care centers, schools, and parent networks), data collection (likely in-person and online), research team coordination (including hiring and supervising undergraduate research assistants), and the establishment of a new lab (including setting up testing rooms and workspaces and designing and documenting protocols for collecting, protecting, and analyzing data).

Research Assistant

research-assistant acrobats
We're also looking for undergraduate research assistants to help with a variety of research projects exploring the contexts and mechanisms of language development and everyday linguistic understanding. Research assistants typically join a single project team, with responsibilities that may include recruiting and scheduling participants, designing and constructing study stimuli, collecting experimental data with infants, children, and adults, analyzing data, annotating naturalistic videos of caregiver-child interactions, transcribing spontaneous child conversation, qualitatively categorizing verbal participant responses, and participating in academic presentations or writing.